My New Cruiser

My New Beach Cruiser




When I first moved to LA last year, I only brought a few suitcases full of clothes. I bought everything new once I got settled in my new apartment: furniture, a car, a bed, a tv, etc. But the one thing that seemed to slip my mind was a bike.

I am a very outdoorsy person. I need to be outside for a period of time every day, whether it's going to the beach, going for a run, going on a bike ride, or reading by the pool, so not having a bike for the first time in my life was challenging because riding around the neighborhood or down to the beach was something I've always enjoyed.

I had the amazing opportunity of partnering with @Schwinnbikes this summer and I kid you not, my DREAM beach cruiser showed up at my door. I'm not kidding- I ride this bike almost every day. I'm lucky enough to live right by the beach, so whenever I have a free hour or two I love to cruise down to the water and ride along the boardwalk. I'm also within walking distance to a bunch of restaurants and food stores, so whenever I need to make a quick errand, instead of walking all the way to my parking garage to get my car, it's so easy, efficient, and environmentally friendly to hop on my Schwinn instead. 

I recommend a Schwinn bike to anyone who's looking for a cute new ride that's also well-made and extremely high quality. To my fellow Los Angeles friends, you know how annoying traffic can be. I LOVE that I can avoid sitting in my car by taking my bike instead! (and, of course, reducing air pollution)!

THANK YOU so much to everyone at Schwinn for the amazing bike and for being so friendly and helpful!


Jessica Altieri