Timbs in Warm Weather

California has all kinds of terrain and climates. You can be at the beach in foggy 60 degree weather, but if you drive two hours inland to the desert you can be in 95 degree sunshine and dust. If you head into the mountains, you could be in a snowy winter wonderland. Most people who live here (including myself) love being active outdoors by doing things such as hiking, running, climbing, etc. I’ve struggled with finding the right shoes to wear on these outings, and have almost gotten hurt by picking the wrong ones (I’ve hiked in Birkenstocks for photoshoots and let me tell you, it’s not pretty or safe sliding down steep slopes).

Timberland’s Nellie Waterproof Chukka boots are PERFECT for hiking. To be completely honest, I was never a fan of these type of boots. I didn’t think they were my style and I prefer to wear flip flops year round. But the mountains in Hawaii and California do not have the easiest hikes or trails. Even while wearing brand new running sneakers, I was slipping and sliding down the rocks while hiking, which is definitely not safe. When Timberland contacted me about collaborating, I was so stoked! I wanted to try out a real pair of boots in some rocks and dust to see how different hiking would be, and guess what, this girl didn’t slip OR slide AND I got compliments.

The Paxton Hill Ankle Boots are perfect for any outing. They’re super cute, soft, and comfy. I paired these with some high-waisted shorts and a crop top since it’s been pretty warm in LA this month. I don’t think these boots were made for hiking, but we were shooting on a pretty steep slope in Malibu, and I had no issues with sliding or falling (phew!).


Thank you @Timberland for sponsoring this blogpost.

Jessica Altieri