A Day on the Job

What is an average day at work for me? I get this question in my DM's multiple times a week. The truth is, there is no average day. Some days are totally boring, and I sit around emailing clients while trying to make guacamole at the same time. Others I'm driving up the coast to make it in time for sunset to get the right lighting for photos. 

Another question I always get asked is if I like being behind or in front of the camera more. The answer is actually behind. The only reason I started "modeling" was to help a few friends out who are also photographers. I never realized it would turn into something that would pay my bills and allow me to travel. I never knew brands were going to contact me specifically to wear and promote their products; it's actually still pretty crazy to me. 

I was lucky enough to get hired by Scott Reyes (@losangeles) to shoot for Hilton Hotels in Downtown Los Angeles last week. Basically, we were creating content for Hilton to use on their social media. I've actually never been to DTLA and was pretty excited. It reminded me of San Francisco, although I think that's just because there were palm trees and I had to drive up a hill to get to the hotel HAHA. 

We got to the hotel and ordered an array of food and drinks. We planned to shoot on the roof patio looking out onto the city skyline. I saw photos of the location before I got there, but I didn't realize how amazing the view was actually going to be. Growing up close (and eventually living in) New York City, tall buildings and many people in one place aren't foreign to me. But let me tell you, sitting in that hot tub looking out at that view with a drink in my hand and a spread of my favorite food waiting for me was pretttttttty cool. Scott and I were both talking about how crazy it was and how lucky we are to do what we do!

SO the morale of this little blogpost is to ALWAYS follow your heart and passions. I get so many questions asking how I do what I do, how I moved, what my major was in college, how I turned it into a job, etc, and my answer is what I said before. Find something you love to do and find a way to get paid for it. Life is too short to be doing anything less than what you love!

Jessica Altieri