Life as an Influencer

I hate to sound so cliché, but it’s true, social media has changed my life. I am honored and devoted to the brands who seek out my creativity. I am lucky to say that (somehow) I have turned my passion into a job. What exactly does my work entail? How do I manage to make money from it? I am here to answer your questions!

Yes, I am a photographer, I’ve also recently gotten into modeling, but overall the term I use is "social media influencer". Influencers are people who help create rad content for brands. Some of the big-name companies I’ve worked with include Seventeen Magazine, O’Neill, Sambazon, Element, Lululemon, SunBum, Sanuk, Timberland, and many more. My 12-year-old self is cheering my current-self on from the sidelines!

Depending on the gig, I’m either in charge of taking photos of the product, modeling the product, or both, but the most important part is showcasing the product/brand to my followers. It’s even more fun when I get to shoot with my friends! (Hi G$). We are some of the first to tell you about our new favorite products and show you how we use them! I have a list of clients whom I work for on a monthly basis, creating content for them to use on their website and social media. I am also the director of marketing, PR, and social media for two start-ups.

It's an amazing gig because guess what? I can work from my bed, the beach, an airplane, Hawaii, anywhere. It gives me the opportunity to travel but not miss out on an income. Sometimes I forget how far I have come and I kind of laugh to myself. If you had told me 5 years ago that this is what I'd be doing, I would have never believed you. I am so grateful everyday and especially with all of the kind feedback I've been getting from your messages, I've realized this is a dream job for many and I am here to tell you that you can achieve anything you set your mind to! 

Jessica Altieri