INSTAnt BFF's!!!

Recently, I was speaking with a group of well-known creatives. We were talking about the pros and cons of the social media world; mainly Instagram. I didn't realize until that very moment that every person I consider a close friend, I met through Instagram, or some sort of photo gig revolving around social media. Literally every single one. Even the people I'm still in touch with from the East Coast, it was all through social media. Amazingly, most of these people are my best friends whom I couldn't imagine living without. How crazy is it that this app has given me my closest friends?

I've gotten a lot of questions over the years about how to make new friends when experiencing new things (i.e. surfing for the first time and wanting to make a pack of pals to hang with at the beach, moving, transferring to a new school, etc). The most amazing thing about moving to the West Coast is how there are sooo many people here who love doing the same things I do. Last weekend, G$ (@gigiibee) and I met up with @lysssanicole and @aubreyyoothout to spend the day at the beach shooting for our favorite brands. Now we're all besties and we all lived happily every after!!!!!!! No but for real, it was amazing to connect with more people who have the same passions that I do. We were all invited to a photoshoot for some rad brands / yoga retreat in the desert next week, which will be AMAZING for tons of new content and exposure. Look out for new photos on my feed!

To conclude my rant, don't be afraid to reach out to cool people in your area who might like to do some of the same things you do. I used to follow all of these new "cool accounts" back in the day- mostly people based in CA and Hawaii, and now a lot of those people are my friends. Even if you're not an influencer or photographer, don't be shy to connect with people! I'm so thankful some of my favorite ladies reached out to me a few years back! Here's to new friendships!! Omg that sounded so lame but still! Trust me! xo

Jessica Altieri